Ground Support in India

Ground Support service in India

VISAThing for Student provides over 30 countries Ground Support in India during student visa application submission to embassies/consulates located in nearby countries and assists the visa applicants through the entire processing.Some countries having embassies located in India requires personal presence of the visa applicant at the Embassy/VFS for in-person interview or biometric data collection. The applicant must visit the embassy in India to submit the visa application. We facilitate service on ground support world wide, ground support agent, ground support aircraft, ground support airport, ground support systems, Ground support in India for student, cheapest hotel in New Delhi near embassy, Kolkata to New Delhi Train schedule, Kolkata to New Delhi Train fare etc. 

Why do you need VISAThing for Student’s Ground Support service in India?

Just think! you have travelled to a new place but don’t know where to live or where to go and where is the suitable place for you. It makes student stressed while they are travelling to India. For this reason we bring this exclusive service for your convenience-

  • Prepare error free visa application
  • Find a suitable lodging
  • Navigating the location easily
  • Exact submission procedure to the embassy
  • Pick up and drop service from airport-hotel-airport and hotel-embassy-hotel

Our service includes:

VISAThing for Student’s Ground Support in India
One of our dedicated team members from VISAThing for Student’s Delhi office shall assist the applicant through the entire process step by step. Thus, your experience of visiting India for visa application gets smooth and easier than you ever expected.

*** Our Ground Support service fee for Students is BDT 10,000/- per person.

Call for Your Appointment:
0196 777 7788 (Hotline) or E-mail us:

Please Note: Our Ground Support fee is excluding Visa Application fee, Submission Fee, VFS Fee and Hotel Charge or any other charges.