Document Legalization

Document Legalization Service in India

If you want to verify/legalize academic as well as commercial and noncommercial documents from the embassies located in India. We provide service for document legalization from India, document legalization request form, document and notarized, documents legalization for Austria, documents legalization for Bulgaria, document legalization form, document legalization Belgium, apostille document attestation, documents legalization form Ministry of foreign affairs, Super legalization, legalization and apostille etc.

Why do you need VISAThing for Student’s Document Legalization Service in India?

To go for higher studying, few countries demand that international student’s documents has to be legalized/verified form their embassy. We all know, most of the European countries embassy in India, so that it is quiet tough for a student to go to India and verify/legalize documents. That’s is why we bring this service for you-

  • Legalize or super legalize from Bangladesh
  • Time saving
  • Money saving
  • Smooth processing service

Document Legalization service includes

*** Our Logistics fee for Student Visa Related Documents is BDT 12,000/- for the first 5 documents/Seal. From 6th documents/Seal, additional BDT 2,500/- will be applicable (per document basis). Documents Attestation from Bangladesh High Commission is BDT 500/- per document/seal. The Legalization Fee will be applicable based on the documents’ type and Embassy.

If the embassy asks for any original additional documents, later an amount of BDT 2,500/- shall charge as courier fee to send documents for further process. Also, after the legalization/authentication done, if the applicant/company needs to send the documents from India to the desired country directly, then an additional courier fee of BDT 6,000/- (subject to change) shall be borne based on the destination country.

Processing Time: VISAThing for Student’s Logistics period is 7 working to & fro in India. Documents processing time completely depends on the Embassy, considering their weekdays & weekends. Also, if you need to send any documents from India to your desired destination(s), then VISAThing for Student’s logistics time may vary depending to the final destination.

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Please Note: Our Document Legalization fee is excluding Legalization Fee, VFS Fee, Translation & Notary, Asset Declaration, Travel Insurance and/or other related charges. Our service is to properly guide you to prepare your visa application documents both in verbal & written forms.