Study in Armenia

Studying in Armenia, which considerably differs from that of other countries, with its culture-specific and mentality-driven priorities would give you new insights into higher education and alternative approaches to teaching/learning and research.

Reasonable tuition fees primarily conditioned by the average income of the population in Armenia would give young people from different segments of society an opportunity to get an in-depth education in a sunny country with unparalleled natural beauty.

Armenia, acknowledged as one of the cradles of human civilization, has a rich cultural heritage and ancient history and would definitely meet the demands and expectations of those learners and scholars who are deeply interested in archeological, historical, ethnographic and geological research.

Immersing yourself in a completely new education system would enable you to reevaluate your potential from new perspectives, thereby discovering new talents and interests that might not have been identified if you had stayed at home. This would further open up new career opportunities and horizons for your personal and professional growth

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Why Study in Armenia

  • Growing study destination
  • Globally recognized degrees
  • Moderate tuition fees
  • Moderate cost of Living
  • Diversity of education
  • High standard of living
  • Work opportunity
  • Wide range of courses
  • Vibrant culture and society

List of Armenia Universities

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