Study in Taiwan

An increasing number of international students are opting to study in Taiwan. Known as the ‘Asian Tiger’ nation, perhaps best known for its world-leading tech industry, Taiwan is also offering strong academic programs across a wide range of subjects.
Government statistics from 2011 showed that the most popular courses for international students were in business and management, followed by engineering, arts and humanities, social sciences and media.
The Taiwan government is keen to attract more international students, and has set the ambitious target of reaching 150,000 international students by 2020. Many universities in Taiwan are increasing the number of degree courses taught partly or entirely in English to reach this target.

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Why Study in Taiwan

  • Academic resources
  • Reasonable and affordable tuition fees
  • Moderate living cost
  • High-standard living quality
  • Better opportunity for further study in Taiwan.
  • Internationalization of Technological Universities
  • Rich and colorful culture
  • English taught programmes
  • Diverse coursesWork while you study
  • A safe society

List of Taiwan Universities

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