Study in Sweden

Sweden is one of the most prominent destinations around the world for higher education for its innovative education system where less teacher led time and more group discussion and independent study is encouraged. Sweden has some of the best universities in the world offering more than 1000 programs in English. Sweden’s diverse academic excellence and helpful people make it more desirable for international students. There are ample opportunities for research and professional network build up beside Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. Moreover, Sweden is one of the few countries in the world with breathtaking landscapes and amazing living conditions. VISAThing for Student makes more easier way to study in Sweden from Bangladesh.


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Why Study in Sweden

✔ Affordable tuition fees
✔ Low living cost
✔ High standard of living
✔ High standard of education
✔ Emphasise both on theory and practise
✔ Skill oriented courses
✔ Innovative learning experience
✔ Most of the Programs are taught in English
✔ English is widely spoken in Sweden
✔ Beautiful landscape with cultural and social diversity
✔ Scholarship opportunities
✔ Work permits available

List of Sweden Universities

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