Study in Romania

Romanian Higher Education is known for its rich academic heritage – the first Romanian universities were established by Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza – the University of Iasi (1860) and the University of Bucharest (1864). Offering state-of-the-art facilities, thrilling student life, and modern research opportunities, Romania gives you the possibility to also benefit from its renowned university tradition especially in the fields of engineering, medicine, and science.

Romania has a wide choice of university programs. With over 100 public and private accredited Higher Education Institutions, you can choose from different degree programs at Bachelor, Master, Ph.D./Doctorate level, all leading to an EU recognized diploma.

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Why Study in Romania

✔ Good universities.
✔ High quality of education.
✔ Demanding subjects and technological and business hub of Europian and Schengen region.
✔ Good acceptance rate at the universities regarding CGPA, tuition fee waiver, and scholarships.
✔ Included in the Schengen region.
✔ Good research facilities.
✔ Low living and accommodation expenses compared to rest of Europe
✔ Low IELTS requirement
✔ vibrant lifestyle and culture
✔ living in e-society.
✔ Healthy atmosphere and safe living conditions.
✔ Work opportunities