Study in Poland

Poland is the seventh largest nation in Europe in terms of population with a modern and dynamic culture. Around 70000 international students from 167 countries choose Poland for higher studies, specially for medicine. Polish academic tradition dates back to the 14th century having some of the oldest universities of Europe. The Polish State Accreditation Committee maintains the the high standard of education services making Poland an integral part of European education and excellence.
One of the reasons why Poland has become a lucrative destination is because it is a part of the Schengen region, follows Bolonga declaration and actively participate in the student exchange programme.
Around 500 Polish universities provide courses in medicine, engineering, humanities, business, finance etc. Almost all the courses are taught in English.

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Why Study in Poland

✔ Enriched academic tradition
✔ Reputed universities
✔ High quality education
✔ Wide range of courses
✔ Affordable tuition fees
✔ low living cost
✔ High living standard
✔ Vibrant culture and communities
✔ Included in Schengen region
✔ Follows Bolonga declaration
✔ Scholarship opportunities
✔ Ample opportunity to work
✔ PR available

List of Poland Universities

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