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With the exception of some private university colleges, all higher educational institutions in Norway are state-run. In general, tuition fees is not required at Norwegian higher educational institutions except   certain professional education programmes, further and special education programmes and studies at private institutions.

Since 2003, Norway has been following the objectives of Bologna Process in European higher education. Most of the components have been implemented through the quality reform. With the introduction of new degree system, it has become easier for students who complete all or part of their education in Norway, to obtain recognition for their qualifications in other countries.

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Why Study in Norway

  • Most universities offer free education to international students
  • Student housing is subsidized by the government, so housing is very affordable as well as at a very high standard.
  • English is widely spoken at the in Norway especially at the university.
  • Norwegians are very warm and friendly in welcoming the foreigners and making them feel comfortable so as to help foreigners adapt quickly to their nation.
  • Students are allowed to work by the Norwegian government. So, it is possible for the students to support their living expenses by themselves.

List of Norway Universities

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