Study in Latvia

Latvian education offers a broad-based curriculum and global perspective to equip students with the relevant qualification and skills that will serve as a springboard to a brighter future. Studying in Latvia provides an opportunity for cross-cultural exposure and personal development.

Latvia is a friendly and welcoming country. Even though the typical Latvian is not an open book and more often smiles internally, we are good at building lifetime friendships. It is also very easy to get contacts, get introduced to like-minded people and build a career regardless of age or previous job experience. Latvia is not over-crowded with huge megapolises and unbelievable traffic jams or mile-long lines. Instead, it offers a serene environment for studying and working, where you can choose how much buzz or peace and quiet you need. Latvia ranks high on the Global peace index as a country with low crime rates, a stable political scene and almost zero natural disasters

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Why Study in Latvia

  • Vibrant culture and society
  • Top universities
  • Bachelor / Master/ Doctorate level Programs taught in English
  • Prestigious Globally Recognized Degrees
  • Government-approved Universities
  • Exchange semester or internship abroad
  • Attractive Tuition Fee
  • On-campus accommodation provided
  • Moderate living costs
  • Numerous opportunities for leisure activities and sports

List of Latvia Universities

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