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Jamaica presents many world-class opportunities for higher education through a number of institutions that offer dedicated faculty and diverse curriculums, as well as academic partnerships with leading international universities from the United States and England.

One of Jamaica’s most well-known institutions of higher education is the University of the West Indies, which was founded as an extension of the University of London; UWI has campuses throughout the Caribbean and is a premier training ground for future doctors and other healthcare practitioners thanks to its highly regarded Faculty of Medical Sciences. Other well-known institutions include the University of Technology, which houses schools of pharmacy, health science, and architecture; and the newly established College of the Caribbean. While many young Jamaicans might have in the past emigrated off the island for work and advanced schooling, the government has had success with its campaign to expand its tertiary educational offerings.

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Why Study in Jamaica

✔ Good universities.
✔ High quality of education.
✔ Demanding subjects and technological and business hub.
✔ Good acceptance rate at the universities regarding CGPA, tuition fee waiver, and scholarships.
✔ Low living and accommodation expenses.
✔ Low IELTS requirement
✔ vibrant lifestyle and culture
✔ living in e-society.
✔ Healthy atmosphere and safe living conditions.
✔ Work opportunities

List of Jamaica Universities

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