Study in Germany

In Germany, you receive fist-class education with degrees that are recognized worldwide, and you are also offered excellent support. Ideal conditions for studying a course that furthers your career – whether in your home country or in Germany.

There are three different types of universities in Germany: research universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of arts. Research universities focus on traditional academic training offering with a wide range of subjects while degree courses at universities of applied sciences combined a research-based approach with more practical training. Colleges of art and music offer courses of studies in the visual, design and performing arts as well as in the area of film, television and media, and in various music subjects.

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Why Study in Germany

✔ No tuition fees
✔ Moderate living cost
✔ There are a lot of companies that collaborate with the university which results in a lot of opportunities for students
✔ Studying in Germany is more career oriented. Every degree has a special focus on something unique
✔ Excellence in research and teaching
✔ Wide range of courses on offer
✔ Development of personal and intellectual potential
✔ Germany is a safe country. It offers economic and political stability
✔ Germany is the EU’s largest economy

List of Germany Universities

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