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When it comes to top quality education, Finland is one of the first countries that comes to mind. Finland has succeeded in not only keeping up with educational progress, but also excelling at setting a global standard.
A member of the European Union and home to 39 higher education institutions, Finland is a good choice for students from around the world, where knowledge and pursuit of learning are highly valued. Finland a friendly and egaliterian society to foster learning and personal growth.
For an international student, life in Finland is made efficient by the convenience offered by high-level infrastructure and technology, From high-tech labs to well-stocked libraries, university campuses are equipped with all the facilities that knowledge-hungry students need.
Higher education institutions maintains international and there are over 400 English-speaking degree programs available across the country. Largely state funded, the institutions offer top quality teaching that is accessible to all.

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Why Study in Finland

✔ Over 400 Study Programmes in English
✔ Quality in research and education
✔ Top-notch institutions
✔ Vibrant international community
✔ English is widely spoken
✔ Affordable tuition fees
✔ Affordable living cost

List of Finland Universities

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