Study in Croatia

Croatia is a diverse country that has become a much more popular study abroad destination in recent years. Located right between the western and eastern worlds, Croatia is a perfect mix of many different cultures. Students studying in Croatia will love to explore all regions of the country, each of which is very unique. Croatia is also perfectly located for trips to Austria, Italy, Hungary, and Slovenia.

Croatia offers a plethora of different outdoor adventures, thanks to a diverse geography of mountains, caves, rivers, and lakes. Sailing is enjoyed across the Croatian coast, and the country has over 1,000 islands so there are many great destinations to explore. Croatia also has a vibrant art scene, including theater, orchestra, and many types of traditional singing. The country is famous for interesting and unique crafts such as lace, toy, and gingerbread making.

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Why Study in Croatia

  • Quality Education
  • Educational Opportunities for Croatian and non-Croatian Speakers
  • Welcoming, Friendly and Multi-lingual Environment
  • Many Scholarship Programmes
  • Affordable Study and Living
  • Adventurous Europe
  • Mild Temperature
  • Better Wages
  • Immigrant Opportunity

List of Croatia Universities

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