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Higher education in Belgium is generally categorized into two groups, divided by the country’s two main language communities: the Flemish (a variety of Dutch) community and the French community. Beside Dutch and French, Germany is also an official language of the country. Though most Bachelor level programmes in Belgian universities are taught in Dutch or French, there are plenty of courses particularly at Master’s level and above which are entirely taught in English. VISAthing for Student makes more easier Belgium student visa from Bangladesh

The Belgium higher education system consists of 3 cycles: First Cycle includes the Bachelor programmes, Second Cycle includes the Masters programmes and the third Cycle includes PhD programmes. These programmes are evaluated by European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits.

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Why Study in Belgium

  • Affordable tuition & living cost
  • PR opportunity
  • Schengen country
  • Safest country in the world
  • Multilingual and multicultural environment
  • The center of Europe, allowing one to travel easily by train, plane or automobile
  • Most universities feature strong research culture with a diverse and world-class research community

List of Belgium Universities

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