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Austrian universities differ greatly from one another both in terms of size and structure. Students who want to pursue their education in Austria with study programs at traditional universities in Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz and Salzburg cover a wide range of subjects. In Austria, the higher education sector is regulated by the Federal Minister of Science and Research and the Federal Minister for Education, the Arts and Culture. The federal provinces have no direct authorities for higher education related issues. Austrian higher education system consists of different types of institutions: public universities and university colleges, universities of applied sciences and private universities and also has introduced the European three-tier system of degrees according to the Bologna process.


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Why Study in Austria

  • Top quality universities
  • Wide range of courses
  • Relatively easy admission procedures
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Moderate living cost
  • Part time work opportunity
  • Employment opportunity after graduation
  • Comfortable and safe environment
  • Schengen Country
  • English taught programs
  • High index of students’ satisfaction

List of Austria Universities

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