Norway Student Visa from Bangladesh

Capital City:
Norwegian Krone (NOK)
Local Time:
GMT + 1
Telephone Code :
+ 47
Closed on Saturday and Sunday
Exchange Rate:
1.00 NOK (Norwegian Krone) is equivalent to 9.38 BDT

Basic Information

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Dhaka:
House 9, Road 111
Gulshan, Dhaka-1212

Important Visa Information:
The Embassy of Denmark handles all the visa matters like Study/Residence/Work Permits for Norway. Therefore, please apply to the Embassy of Denmark in connection with visa matters. You have to apply through the Denmark Visa Application Center.

Denmark Visa Application Center
4th Floor, Delta Life Tower,
Plot 37, Road 90, Gulshan North,
Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Call Centre number: (+88) 09 606 777 000 (using landline & mobile number),
and (+88) 096 6691 1386 (using only mobile number.)

Norway Student Visa Fee:
NOK 5,300

Processing Time:
It usually takes 1 months after submission to the VAC

Visa Check List

This is a basic checklist for Germany student visa from Bangladesh. Required documents depending on student’s profile. VISAThing for Student provides you complete visa application assistance. We provide information on Norway student visa with spouse, Norway student visa application form, Norway study visa apply, Norway embassy in Bangladesh, Norway study visa cost, documents required for Norway student visa, how to get norway student visa, Norway student visa working hours, Norway tourist visa, Norway work permit, Norway student visa rejection, Norway student visa agency, Norway student visa consultant, Bank statement for Norway.

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  1. Passport: Original Passport with a validity of at least 12 months after the intended date of departure and minimum two blank pages for visa stamp. If you want passport, please click here.
  2. Visa Application Form: A duly completed visa application forms with sign and date.
  3. Photo Specification: Recent biometrical passport photographs (Size: 35mm x 45mm)
  4. Covering-Letter: Covering letter mentioning details of applicants, passport details, travel details.
  5. Confirmation of Enrolment: Original letter from the University or Recognized Educational Institution confirming admission and duration of the course (Scholarship certificate if applicable)
  6. Tuition Fees Payment Receipt: A payment receipt is a proof of payment that you have made payment to the institution (If Require)
  7. Academic Documents: Please submit your all academic documents to Embassy/VAC
  8. Financial Means: A bank statement from your account  in a Norwegian bank, or a statement from the educational institution that you have deposited the amount(NOK 1,21,220) in an account that the educational institution has opened for study purpose.
  9. Health Insurance: A proof of health insurance coverage whole period of study.
  10. Birth Certificate: An original copy of Birth Registration Certificate. If you want Birth Registration Certificate please click here.
  11. Police Clearance: An original copy of Police Clearance Certificate. If you want Police Clearance Certificate please click here.
  12. Accommodation Details: Once you have confirmed where you will be studying, you must need to show accommodation details.

Norway student visa requirements for Bangladeshi student

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Visa Consultancy Fee

Service                                                    Fee (BDT)
Consultancy                                           10,000/=

***15% VAT will be applicable on VISAThing for Student’s service charge.

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  • Creating checklist analyze your documents
  • Identifying loop holes and eliminating those.
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