About Us

VISAThing For Student’ is a co-brand of ‘VISAThing’ and we provide customized services related to student visa around the world as per the applicant’s specific needs.’VISAThing for Student’ works as an educational consulting wing for providing specialized services to the students who want to pursue world-class recognized degrees. We bring the ease and convenience of processing for the student higher studies admission and visa consultancy based from Dhaka Bangladesh over 50 countries. We provide End to End support to a student as per their exact need.

Our Core Services:

Student Profile Evaluation (University and Course Selection):

Choosing the right study program in a suitable university according to a student’s academic background, language test score and affordability is quite challenging and a possible opportunity to get admission. The *Student Profile Evaluation Service is Free of charge. 

University Admission Assistance:

Once a student picks the suitable course and university either with the help of our assessment service or by themselves, VISAThing’s Admission Service guides him through the Admission process at the chosen university.

Visa Application Submission in India:

VISAThing for Student enables students to apply for student visas easily to embassies/consulates located in a neighboring country (India) where in-person appearance/biometric enrollment is not required.

Visa Application Consultancy:

Our team of visa consultants provides premium student visa consultancy services for most of the countries across the globe. It enables you to prepare a convincing visa application according to your profile.

Ground Support in India:

VISAThing for Student provides Ground Support during student visa application submission to embassies/consulates located in nearby countries and assists the visa applicants through the entire processing

Document Legalization:

If you want to verify/legalize academic as well as commercial and noncommercial documents from the embassies located in India.

Why do You Need Student Visa Consultancy From VISAThing for Student?

  • An updated website for Bangladeshi student
  • Customized service packages for the student
  • Wide ranges of course
  • The largest network of universities around the world
  • Database of visa information for over 40 countries on our websites
  • We can directly submit your documents for over 15 countries in the neighboring country
  • We can provide assistance while you are in New Delhi for in-person visa application submission service in India


  • Selecting course, university or country while he/she decided to higher study
  • Finding proper information and guideline
  • Confusing for visa application documentation
  • Proper information on financial means
  • In-person assistance while submitting the documents in India
  • Staying in India for visa application over 1 to 1.5 month is costly and time-consuming

 To know more please call us at +8801967777788 or email: cr@visathingforstudent.com